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Scardina Home Services has been in service since 1950. There is no job too BIG or too small. Residential homeowners and Commercial businesses trust us. Scardina has an excellent reputation for great customer service. Prompt response times with quality repairs and skilled installations.

Our service area covers is all of Central Maryland including Millersville, Annapolis, and Baltimore.

We meet all of their Plumbing, HVAC Heating & Cooling, Drain & Septic, Remodeling, and many other home improvements. Scardina seeks to gain and retain the trust of each customer. Contact Scardina for the best home improvements.

Scardina provides

Home Improvement Services; Plumbing iconPLUMBING Home Improvement Services; HVAC iconHVAC Home Improvement Services; Drain Cleaning iconDRAIN CLEANING Home Improvement Services. ; Remodeling iconREMODELING Home Improvement Services; Gas Lines iconGAS LINES

Home Improvement Services; Generators iconGENERATORS


PLUMBING:   Your Plumbers are experienced, skilled, and friendly. We will provide you with fast results on any project from a minor repair or a major emergency.

Pipes   ∙   Main Water Lines   ∙   Main Sewer Lines   ∙   Drains   ∙   Water Treatment   ∙   Water Heaters
Well Tanks & Pumps   ∙   Sump Pumps   ∙   Backflow Valves   ∙   Washer & Dryer Lines   ∙   Sinks   ∙   Faucets
Garbage Disposals   ∙   Dishwashers   ∙   Refrigerator Water Lines   ∙   Showers   ∙   Bathtubs   ∙   Toilets

   Your HVAC Team repairs all Heating & Cooling makes and models. Purchase a maintenance plan to keep you running. Have an old system? We install new units that are the best efficiency.

Heating   ∙   Cooling   ∙   Air Handlers   ∙   Indoor Air Quality

   Your Pipe Doctors diagnose any drain problem. We treat and clean septic systems, grease traps, and pipe clogs.

Septic Systems   ∙   Grease Traps   ∙   Pipe Camera   ∙   Hydro-Jetter

   Your Remodeling Team will estimate your project. Collaborate with material showroom designers. Your unique project proposal is given individual care. Material ordering. The remodel project. Finally the full warranties.

Bathrooms   ∙   Kitchens   ∙   Handyman

   Your Gas Fitters are highly skilled. Gas pipes are tested to ensure they are sealed correctly. Safety is the number one priority.

Gas Fireplaces   ∙   Gas Logs   ∙   Outdoor Gas Fire Pits & Torches    ∙   Gas Propane Tanks

   Your Whole House Generator team will install and test. Schedule us for routine maintenance.