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Scardina installs natural gas fireplaces for homes throughout Maryland.

Converting a regular fireplace into a gas fireplace assures consistent, comfortable warmth. It also eliminates soot, smoke, and ash, as well as the need for wood storage, for a cleaner, more organized fireplace experience.

At Scardina Home Services, we install a large selection of quality gas fireplaces from Monessen to help homeowners in Baltimore, Annapolis, Millersville, and the surrounding areas enjoy the warmth and comfort they deserve. Our services are available in the following counties:

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
  • Howard
  • Millersville
  • Montgomery
  • Prince George’s
  • Queen Anne’s

To learn what makes Scardina the provider of choice for gas fireplaces throughout Maryland,contact us today at 877-341-6069.

Gas fireplace

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

While a wood fireplace is often synonymous with authenticity, gas fireplaces of today can often offer a very similar aesthetic in an easier to operate package. Consider the benefits a gas fireplace can provide:

  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient heating
  • Improved indoor air quality

Gas Fireplace Installation Services

At Scardina Home Services, we install top quality gas fireplaces from Monessen for reliable warmth when you want it. Our selection includes:

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct vent gas fireplaces operate in two parts—one for the exhaust and another for combustion air intake. They are vented outside for improved health and safety, provide consistent warmth, and operate efficiently for lower monthly costs. Monessen designs several styles of direct vent gas fireplaces with varying views and touch screen offerings that give you even greater control over your fireplace experience.

B-Vent Gas Fireplaces

B-vent gas fireplaces use b-vent pipes that release combustion fumes outside above the roof of your home. This is a less expensive alternative than a direct vent fireplace, but is also known to operate less efficiently. Cool air can sometimes be released into the home if there is a downdraft in the chimney.

Vent Free Gas Fireplaces

Also known as ventless fireplaces, Monessen’s vent free gas fireplace operates with no venting, making it easy to install in many locations. This is often considered the most efficient type of fireplace as well. However, because ventless fireplaces vent inside your home, they tend to release excess moisture, impacting your indoor air quality and exposing occupants to the smell.

Contact Us for Gas Fireplace Installation in Maryland

Scardina Home Services is your trusted source for gas fireplaces in Maryland. We can help you select the best type of fireplace for your home and lifestyle and expertly install it into your space with minimal disruption to your daily life. With our selection of high quality gas fireplaces, you can enjoy consistent warmth and comfort all winter long. Don’t wait to make the switch from wood to natural gas—contact the experts at Scardina located at Millersville, Maryland to schedule service today!